Congratulations Lexi! You are accepted! Make sure you send in the blog as soon as you can!

Name: Alexis (Lexi)

Age and Timezone: 17, soon to be 18 this coming August and I am in Pacific Standard Time

Character Wanted: Deandra the New Girl

Second Choice: Trisha Cappelletti

Sample Para:

Deandra emerged from the Overland Park girls’ bathroom with a drawn out sigh. After eating a rather large lunch — two chili-cheese hotdogs, a slice of pepperoni pizza, a bag a Lays Kettle Cooked Jalapeno chips, an ice cream sandwich, and a vanilla coke to wash it all down — she was in dire need of a trip to the bathroom, one that left her body feeling hollow, as well as refreshed. She wiped a bead of sweat from her brow, noticing a fellow female student making her way towards the girls’ bathroom, and gasped. “Do NOT go in there!” she exclaimed, gripping the girls shoulders, nearly pushing the girl to the ground. “Unless, of course, you are curious as to what the stench of death smells like. In that case, no one is stopping you. You are free to smell up the bathroom as much and as long as you’d like.”


Anything Else?: Nope.

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Jonathan Getslinhaumer is a student at Overland Park High School. There’s a possibility that he is gay or at least bisexual, but is in denial about his sexual orientation.

It is implied that Joanthan has been trying to be popular since the third grade, often resorting to the “bad boy” attitude. When trying to get the attention of the football team, Jonathan revealed that he is no longer going by Jonathan but instead nicknamed himself “Than.” His nickname was quickly shot down, and he is now being called Jon/Jonathan much to his dismay.

He resembles Austin Butler and he is Open!


Deandra “The New Girl” is a student and former cheerleader of Overland Park High School. She is fairly new, recently moved from Atchison, Kansas, which is north of Topeka, and west of the 71. 

Unlike everyone else who has problems that require some anger management, Deandra seems preoccupied with her basic instincts and needs, such as pooping in the bathroom and eating. 

She resembles AnnaSophia Robb and she is Open!


Matthew Derringer is a student at Overland Park High School and member of the Overland Park Football Team, and is one of the most popular boys in school. He is polite in his speech and has a wide vocabulary. His best friend is Tanner Christensen.

All in all, Matthew is the most gentlemen-like of the male cast. He often calls the female cast “beautiful” or “lovely” and seems to be genuinely polite.

He resembles RJ Brown and he is Open!


Mackenzie Zales is the head cheerleader of the Overland Park Cheer Squad. She is also homecoming queen, part-time model, member of The Prom Committee and Candy Cane Princess. 

Like a cliche stereotypical “popular girl,” Mackenize is always telling people off with an aggressive and uncouth manner. 

Mackenize does not like it when people try to steal her status or try to become better than her. She rarely shows kindness to the student body including her own friends at times. Mackenize has a rather selfish and bratty attitude when you first meet her but behind that evil and snobby demeanor, Mackenize has a strong sense of determination and loyalty when it comes to the cheer squad against the Van Burens.

She resembles Naya Rivera and she is Open!


Cameron Van Buren is the eldest sister of Shay Van Buren and Mikayla Van Buren. She is currently attending Wichita State University and belongs to many sororities. She is known as the most popular girl in the history of the Blue Valley School District, and was the 2011 Overland Park Prom Queen. Like her mother and great Aunt Ruth, Cameron was the Head Cheerleader.

She resembles Blake Lively and she is open!


Trisha Cappelletti is a student at Overland Park High School and member of the cheer squad. She’s often seen to be absent-minded and quiet in the background while the people around her reveal their anger managment issues. She is a bit airheaded and the most docile of the cheerleaders.

She resembles Amanda Seyfried and she is Open!


Shay Van Buren is a popular student in Overland Park High School. Her family are very popular as well, be considered Overland Park socialites. 

Her family is known for getting the title of head cheerleader, and Shay is the only one in her family who did not receive the title. This has caused her and her sisters to be in a blood feud with the Cheer Squad.

She resembles Taylor Swift and she is Open!


Ashley Katchadourian is a member of the Overland Park Cheer Squad most known for being the victim of a verbal attack by Trisha Cappelletti because she was visiting Pearl Harbor with her family instead of watching the door.

She resembles Sarah Hyland and she is Open!